The Best Musical Cities In The World

For many people the world over, music is one of, if not the most important part of their lives. We collectively spend billions every year on concerts, albums, subscriptions and merchandise, while it’s striking how many people walking the streets are listening to music on the go. Whether on the commute, in work, the gym or at home, we listen to our favourite songs constantly throughout the day. Since pretty much everyone loves their music, can one city really stand out for its musical chops? In this article you’ll find the answer, with the best musical cities in the world detailed here. Continue reading “The Best Musical Cities In The World”

The 6 Best Classical Music Venues In The World

Music is something that’s popular no matter where you go in the world, so it’s no surprise that to enjoy the best quality music you’ll have to travel far and wide to do so. Classical music is somewhat of a lost art form in today’s world of hip-hop, DJs and club nights, but it can be enjoyed at some outstanding venues. No less than four continents make an appearance on this list, so whether you end up in the States, Europe or South America you know there’s a place for you to listen to amazing music. Continue reading “The 6 Best Classical Music Venues In The World”