5 Celebrations You Won’t Have Heard Of

I always feel so lucky when I get the time to really get to know a country. There’s something special about surpassing that wide-eyed, first time visiting feeling and becoming accustomed to life in a new part of the world. You get to see the most genuine side of the people and really learn the history of the culture. There’s not many better chances to see this side than at the special days and events known to the locals and hardly anyone else. The atmosphere is totally authentic and the experience is unforgettable as a result. If you want to experience this kind of feeling, then check out some of these unknown celebrations taking place around the world. Continue reading “5 Celebrations You Won’t Have Heard Of”

The Weirdest Festivals In The World

We all dream of going to festivals like Coachella, Tomorrowland and Glastonbury, but if they sell out before we can get tickets then what do we do? We can go to a run of the mill music festival and think about what could have been, or we can attend a completely out of the ordinary event and have unique memories that’ll last a lifetime. There are weird events all over the world, and while it might not quite live up to seeing your favourite band live, if you go to one of these festivals you’ll certainly have a story or two to tell. Continue reading “The Weirdest Festivals In The World”