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Why do People Collect Diecast Models?

Why do People Collect Diecast Models?

Chances are you know someone or have seen on the TV a person who loves to collect miniature versions of cars, trains, planes and other models. And maybe you don’t quite see the interest in it, yet you wonder why they might? So why do people collect diecast models?


For car fanatics, their whole life revolves around cars and it’s the same for people interested in trains, planes, etc, so they may be interested in buying realistic collectible car models to admire and show off. Some people see them as a work of art, they carry history behind them. Some of the models might be miniature replicas of some of the most iconic vehicles in history and some might be of signature vehicles from a movie, game or series. Other people collect them as a sense of nostalgia, back when you used to get hot wheels for Christmas or your birthday, it gives you that sense of childhood again and something to be excited for.

Overtime your passion becomes your hobby and some people for each road trip, rally race or adventure they take part in they get a model to remember it by thus building sentimental value to the person. 

There are so many aspects when it comes to collecting models, so many different things to consider when buying them and different models to fulfill different interests. Collectors have all sorts of different preferences and interests in collecting, some include scale, brand and time period, which is what makes collecting so exciting for people because it can be tailored to their preferences.

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As most vintage items do, they tend to sell for extraordinary amount so if an investor spots a model that he feels can make him money he will invest in it. Different from the collectors, these types of people look for profit rather than the need to collect their favorite models. A great example of this is the Hot Wheels 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb which is said to have a value of $200,000! What started off as a cheap simplistic toy would have made a great investment to the lucky person to have a hold of it.

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Should You Start Collecting?

Before you start collecting you should consider some attributes, the main one obviously being space, make sure you have the space for the models you’re thinking of getting!


As previously explained, diecast models come in different scales, with the most common ones being 1:12, 1:36 and 1:43. You should consider how detailed you want your model to be, the larger the scale the greater the detail of course.


Do you prefer Dinky Toys, Matchbox or Mattel? Also consider what kind of models you want to collect, Lamborghinis, Supercars, Vintage?


Are you a fan of a certain time period? Focusing on a set period is a good way to capture the history of your models.

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There are many ways to purchase your models, Modelspace is a world-wide trusted retailer for all things models, alternatively, you can buy 2nd hand ones from various sites like Facebook marketplace or eBay.

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