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5 Essential Things to Pack for a Festival

5 Essential Things to Pack for a Festival

Summer is the time of the year that most of us are looking forward to. Festival season has finally arrived, and you will be able to catch up with your friends and have the best of times dancing and singing along to your favourite tunes. You got our ticket, the line-up is confirmed, you spent a few weeks planning your outfit and makeup for the event and you can’t wait for this weekend to come.

You are so excited about this that you might forget you need to come prepared to make this experience as enjoyable and fun as it looks on Instagram.

In order to help you decide what you will have to pack, we’ve rounded up 5 festival essentials that you’ll need to fully enjoy this experience:


First things first: protect your skin. You’ll spend a whole day or a whole weekend outside, so if you’re lucky and the weather is nice, your skin will be exposed at the times where the sun’s burning rays are the strongest. It is best to choose a sunscreen of SPF 30 or more. So don’t forget to pack it as you’ll need to apply it three to four times a day to protect your skin and to make sure you’ll get a healthy glow.

A portable phone charger

Calling to locate your friends, recording your favourite artist’s tunes, taking selfies and sharing them on social media will run your battery down in no time. Even if some festivals have outlets on the ground, it is safer to bring your own portable charger, so you don’t have to wait in the long queue to plug your phone. Qi-PowerSurge is a good option to bring to a festival as it features 3 USB ports so your friends can use it too and it comes with a LED torchlight, which is also a must-have when you go to a festival.

Baby wipes and dry shampoo

The baby wipes will become handy when the bathroom is far from reach. Make sure to bring a pack or two as they’ll help keep you fresh and clean in all circumstances: to wash your hands, clean spills, remove makeup… Dry shampoo is also something to consider as part of your festival survival kit. It will absorb oils and dust and add texture to your hair.

Blister plasters

Even if you went shopping to find the most comfortable shoes to wear, your feet might hurt a little at some point if you wear them for the first time. You also have to think that you’ll cover huge distances exploring the festival site, and a few people might step on your toes while jumping and dancing. That’s when blister plasters become essentials.


A bad headache can ruin the most amazing experience. You’ll hear music all day long, people will scream and sing their heart out, and you will probably also share some drinks with your friends. Your head might feel a little painful at the end of the day. Paracetamol is always a good idea to pack for a festival to make the most of your time there.

What are your essential things to pack for a festival? Tell us in the comments!

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