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Swimming and what’s so great about it

Swimming and what’s so great about it

Are you more of an armchair athlete than a gym rat, who would rather work up a sweat in the steam room than on the treadmill? It doesn’t matter if that is the case, and you find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise – there is after all a sport for everyone!

So how about giving swimming a go? There is a high chance that you do of course know how to swim, so why not use this knowledge to get a little fitter and get those endorphins pumping. Read on and check out just what’s so great about swimming.

It’s a low impact exercise

One of the best things about swimming is that it is suitable for practically all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. This is because it is a seriously low impact exercise. Since your body is buoyed up in the water, that means minimal strain on joints, which is great if you’ve got existing or old injuries. With the weightless feeling of the water, you can enjoy pushing your muscles as you work out.

It’s low cost

Another great thing about swimming is that it is a pretty low cost exercise. Going to the local community pool is not expensive, and there are even free outdoor wild swimming options if you are a strong and adventurous swimmer. Add into this that to start with you only need a swimsuit, and it really is something that anyone can get into.

You can go at your own pace

Swimming tends to be a solo activity, which is ideal if you prefer to go at your own pace. Building up laps and techniques and pushing yourself is easy at the pool, and is sure to give you a sense of achievement as you get stronger.

If you want to get into exercising a bit more, why not give swimming a go.

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