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Cheap and Cheerful Design Options to Spruce up Your Home in 2019

Cheap and Cheerful Design Options to Spruce up Your Home in 2019

Cheap and Cheerful Design Options to Spruce up Your Home in 2019

Now that the new year is well and truly underway, there really is no better time to start a new DIY project, and with these top decorating hacks, you’ll find it super easy to add a new lease of life to your home interiors.  Even better, these top hacks will ensure you won’t break the bank in the process. 

We can all agree that everyone dreams of having a stylish home that wouldn’t look out of place on the front cover of any home interiors magazine.  However, buying all of the bits and bobs needed to decorate a room can quickly add up.  Here are some of our top design tips to make your home look better than ever… 

Get Crafty and Make Your Own Cushions 

These days, decorative and stylish cushion choices are now eye-wateringly expensive.  So, why not make your own?  It’s super easy to pick up some fabric that you love and if you’re a little scared of picking up the sewing needs, opt for fabric glue instead!  This way, you’ll be able to create the perfect cushion to suit your personal design tastes – without the hefty price tag! 

Shop Online but Don’t Checkout!  

If you’re looking to invest in some new furniture this year, this is a handy tip that can easily save you some cash!  If you do see a piece of furniture you fancy online, simply pop it in your basket but don’t immediately check out! If you are on the site’s mailing list, chances are you will receive an email with a discount code just a few days later.   

Simply Disguise What You Can’t Afford to Replace 

If you’ve fallen out of love with the fabric or colour of your sofa, simply cover it with cushions and cosy blankets.  The same disguise method can also be used if you need to cover a particularly noticeable carpet stain…Plus, the right rug or throw can help add some serious oomph to any interior style. 

Use Leftover Wallpaper on Bookcases 

If you’re swimming in spare wallpaper, why not opt to paste it on the inside of your bookcases.  This will help to create a wonderful, eye-catching design and can easily make your bookshelf a design feature in its own right.  

Use a Statement Mirror 

Finding a bargain statement mirror is a great way to make a room feel lighter and bigger – this is a great touch if you’re working with a smaller bedroom!  Plus, you can experiment with finishes and designs to add a touch of opulence and luxury to the feel of a room. 

Be Bold with a Coloured Radiator 

 Adding coloured radiators to your home is a great way to enhance your overall décor of choice or simply give your newly decorated tool the finishing touch it needs. 

We’re sure you’ll agree that a designer radiator in a contrasting colour will definitely be an eye-catcher in any interior.  Online radiator retailers like Trade Radiators offer a brilliant selection of sleek and elegant own-brand radiators at a fantastic price!

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