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Reddy, Steady, Birthday!

Reddy, Steady, Birthday!

The above title is not a typo. You’ll understand once you read the next line. Last night I attended the annual birthday dinner of my good friend and roommate Chris Reddy. As of yesterday, Chris is 28 years young. Being of Italian descent, Chris also has quite the affinity for Italian food. He even knows how to pronounce words from menus that I simply grunt and point to. Here is a picture of Chris sporting some very modern facial hair.

As for dinner, we dined at Bad Bobs in Dublin’s Temple Bar, which may very well be my favourite restaurant in Ireland. I’ve loved Bad Bobs ever since I first visited there last year. This was only my second visit, but this time was even better than the first. The atmosphere is intimate, the wait staff is friendly, and the food is beyond description. Though I’ve only eaten there twice, I have had the pleasure of sampling many of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.

This particular evening, I had a 9oz Fillet Steak with roast cherry vine tomatoes, flat cap mushroom & sauté onions. Served with a choice of homemade gravy or pepper corn sauce and fries, sweet potato fries, mash or side salad. I don’t know where to begin attempting to describe this meal.

At the risk of sounding inarticulate, this dish was really, really, really… good. Now I know a lot of people have a problem with veal. I for one, take no moral stance either way. All I know is that I find steak to be delicious. If you wish to register a formal complaint, please feel free to send your emails to pointlesswhining@noonecares.com.

I have more pictures from this illustrious evening, but sadly my laptop is a bit under the weather and thus my photos are all stranded there. I’m fairly confident that I took a picture of almost every meal at the table. Once I get it fixed I’ll be sure to include some more photos.

On an unrelated note. Someone sent me a link to Lighting Trends, which is a blog about uh… lighting trends. Anyway, they did a post on food inspired lighting and I thought some of them were cool. Check it out.

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