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Being the Hostess with the Mostess

Being the Hostess with the Mostess

Having house guests to stay can seem intimidating if you are not used to it but after a recent bout of unexpected visits from relatives and old friends, we feel confident we have come up with the perfect formula for providing 5 star service without losing your mind!

1. Make the bed

People need somewhere to sleep, so first thing’s first, make the bed. There is nothing quite as satisfying as getting into a crisply made bed, use freshly washed sheets (that match) for the best impressions. Open windows wide to let in fresh air before finding temporary homes for the detritus and debris that tends to accumulate in spare rooms; the box the TV came in, half finished projects and that bag of clothes that you were planning on donating to the charity shop. A quick dust down of the surfaces and the addition of vase of fresh flowers from Bloom Magic will go a long way to creating a warm and cozy feel. If your guests will be slumbering on a fold out sofa-style bed, absolutely unfold it before they get there, the amount of crumbs, dust and goodness knows what else that accumulates in the folds and creases of those things is disturbing and will certainly require a vacuum cleaner.

2. Bathroom

The bathroom should be next on your hit list, it is the one room in the house that your guests are guaranteed to make multiple visits to. If time is short spend your efforts here. Stock your water closet with the trinity of toiletry T’s: Towels, toilet paper and toothpaste. Speaking of toilets, give the toilet bowl a good scrub and don’t forget about the underside of the seat. Remove rouge hair from plug holes, add a candle and you are on your way to hosting success.

3. Feeding Time

No one likes a hangry house guest, if you do get advance notice of house guest, find out food allergies or preferences so you can stock your cupboard appropriately. Planning what meals you will be making in advance can go a long way to reducing stress once your guests have arrived. A basic meal plan will make the pre-arrival food shopping much easier too. If cooking s not really your thing gather together menus from local restaurants and takeaway places so you can easily browse the options with your guests.

4.Find out what’s going on

Check local event calendars for happenings while your guests are here. Artist showcases, live music and local museums will give your guests a feel for your city and an insight into your life (especially popular, it seems, if it is relatives who have come to say). Having suggestions for activities and ways to get out and about, takes the pressure off you to be the only source of entertainment during the visit. Showing visitors around is a great opportunity to play tourist for the day and see all that your area has to offer.

Follow these steps and you’ll have no problem looking after your guests! A huge benefit of having people stay with you rather than at a hotel is the opportunity to spend quality time together in a much more relaxed setting, so go ahead, crack open some drinks and enjoy catching up with one another.

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