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Music Education in London

If you truly love music you might be really passionate and interested in gaining a job in the music industry. So first off you need to figure out what way you want to be involved in the industry, is it being on stage producing the music yourself? or in the back managing the levels? or perhaps you’re interested in promoting the events themselves or want to manage an artist? There’s quite a few different jobs in the music biz and just because you love music doesn’t mean that every music career will be the job of your dreams.


If you love music, promoting might be the job for you. Its fast paced, exciting, tonnes of hard work but you’ll get to be involved up front and close with live shows and the crowds!


If promoting the shows isn’t for you, becoming an agent who works with lots of different promoters might be down your alley. You’ll piece together an entire tour. Being an agent means you need good organization skills, attention, ambition and more! but the rewards are pretty lucrative.


A manager will take care of the business side of things for the musicians. He lets the artist focus on their music while he sorts out all the other ins and outs. Managers are the face of the musicians when it comes to the industry and this, as you can imagine, will bring a LOT of responsibility.

Radio PR/Plugger

Getting involved in radio is fun and exciting. Being a successful radio promoter means you’ll be doing a lot of schmoozing and building up your contact list.

Cover Art Designer

Not just album art but facebook banners, website graphics, album art and more! Good artwork can make everything that little bit more special and professional. Artwork is a massive role in music realises so having a decent designer is a great addition to any team.

 Music Journalist

Reviews, interviews, commentary, blogging on music and pop culture.. these guys help shape the industry and you get a lot of perks for it. VIP treatment, guest lists, chatting to famous people and more!


Producers make the actual music. No words needed, these guys make things work!

Music Teacher

Music teachers can work in schools or give private lessons. If you’re passionate about music this might be the job for you. This brings you a normal paced, steady, stable life too.

If you’re looking to get involved in the industry more you should check out Notting Hill Academy of Music and see how they can help you get ready for the industry.

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