5 Celebrations You Won’t Have Heard Of

I always feel so lucky when I get the time to really get to know a country. There’s something special about surpassing that wide-eyed, first time visiting feeling and becoming accustomed to life in a new part of the world. You get to see the most genuine side of the people and really learn the history of the culture. There’s not many better chances to see this side than at the special days and events known to the locals and hardly anyone else. The atmosphere is totally authentic and the experience is unforgettable as a result. If you want to experience this kind of feeling, then check out some of these unknown celebrations taking place around the world. Continue reading “5 Celebrations You Won’t Have Heard Of”

The Weirdest Festivals In The World

We all dream of going to festivals like Coachella, Tomorrowland and Glastonbury, but if they sell out before we can get tickets then what do we do? We can go to a run of the mill music festival and think about what could have been, or we can attend a completely out of the ordinary event and have unique memories that’ll last a lifetime. There are weird events all over the world, and while it might not quite live up to seeing your favourite band live, if you go to one of these festivals you’ll certainly have a story or two to tell. Continue reading “The Weirdest Festivals In The World”

The Best Musical Cities In The World

For many people the world over, music is one of, if not the most important part of their lives. We collectively spend billions every year on concerts, albums, subscriptions and merchandise, while it’s striking how many people walking the streets are listening to music on the go. Whether on the commute, in work, the gym or at home, we listen to our favourite songs constantly throughout the day. Since pretty much everyone loves their music, can one city really stand out for its musical chops? In this article you’ll find the answer, with the best musical cities in the world detailed here. Continue reading “The Best Musical Cities In The World”

The 6 Best Classical Music Venues In The World

Music is something that’s popular no matter where you go in the world, so it’s no surprise that to enjoy the best quality music you’ll have to travel far and wide to do so. Classical music is somewhat of a lost art form in today’s world of hip-hop, DJs and club nights, but it can be enjoyed at some outstanding venues. No less than four continents make an appearance on this list, so whether you end up in the States, Europe or South America you know there’s a place for you to listen to amazing music. Continue reading “The 6 Best Classical Music Venues In The World”

The Hottest UK Comedy Tickets

The real world can be a depressing place that we need to escape from for a few hours before diving back in. Some people do this by going to the football every week, supporting their team, singing the songs and acting out of character for 90 minutes. Others hit the pub as soon as the clock strike 5pm on a Friday and drink their worries away, picking up new, embarrassing ones to mull over on Saturday morning. For me, one of my favourite ways of escaping the monotonous mood of day to day life is laughing my head off at a comedy show. Comedians will always be in demand for this reason, and these comedians especially. You’ll find tickets for all these shows and more at Ticketmaster, and you can bag yourself a saving with a Ticketmaster voucher with Groupon.   Continue reading “The Hottest UK Comedy Tickets”